It’s Saturday. You’ve survived the work week. Congratulations! Now, before you can kick back and relax for the weekend there are just a few simple things to accomplish on your to-do list. 

1) Buy coffee filters
2) Call parents
3) File tax returns 
4) Take the dog for a walk
5) Return overdue library book

Feeling ambitious? Perhaps you will suck it up and finally hit ’send’ on e-filing those tax returns. But wait, what’s this?! The date to e-file has past?! You’re going to need to print out your forms and mail it in old school – which means you now need to pick up stamps. No worries, you think. You can swing by the post office on your way to the store to pick up coffee filters. You decide to head out, but where did you leave your keys? You ask your roommate. “Where did you last have them?” Ughhh!!

Welcome to Adulting!

Desktop Controls:

Direction = Arrow Keys
Enter = Start 
J = Interact
K = Cuss

If you enjoyed playing this, you can get it on cartridge too!


Original Theme Music
BC Likes You

Additional Music
Mr. V

Various Tilesets & Sprites Adapted From:

Monkey Image


Made with GB Studio

Adulting © Eric C. Wilder 2021

Updated 19 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorEric Wilder
Tagsadulting, game-boy, Game Boy, gb-studio


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Got the cart from FC in the mail today and immediately popped it into my GBC. What a treat! Loved the art and the story was very relatable. The cuss button saw a lot of use. I've found one extra to-do, are there many more?

Thank you so much for grabbing a cart! Glad you enjoyed the game. There is only the one additional chore. You can get arrested though, if you anger the right character. Thanks again!

This is adorable. The ending is very relatable lol. GGs!


Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

XD That was fun lol. Made me laugh quite a times. Also going around cussing at everyone made me feel so nice ^^  Felt very nostalgic just like pokemon back in the days haha

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Help mee i gave lola a cook chicken that have been in the kitchen for dayss and i need an vacuum cleaner now i don't know how to buy it i think i cant finish the game please help:(

Hello! You can buy rug cleaner in the grocery store. If you need assistance, one of the other customers knows where it is. 


So cute!

Thank you!

Finally played this. Charming game! Made me laugh a few times, especially at the end.

thank you!

Nice, quick play. Like it.

Hmmm looks like I have to steal your Curse mechanics!

This was really cute, thanks for making and sharing it!


That was nice~ I thought we needed to finish all 5 tasks but I think seeing the credits after finishing 4 makes a statement

Cute fun game, very adult, I feel more prepared to adult now, thanks...


I loved this, great job. Definitely related to the anxiety :)

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Fun little game.  On thing I noticed is that when you swear and then transition rooms while the bubble is still up, the bubble glitches and remains on screen until the swear button is pressed again.  Cool concept.


Thanks for playing, and thanks for the heads up!


will the full or explanded version be free? also, do you plan to make actual gameboy cards? that would be fun


Thanks for your questions! 1) It’s very likely that it will continue to be free to download, unless I need to hire help. Then I’d need to cover the costs. 2) It is my hope to find a publisher. If not I have the capability to create a small self-published run.



how do you get coffe filtrs?

were you able to find them? You can ask one of the shoppers at the the front of the store where they are. Thanks for playing!

I really like this game , it's really fun , and very relaxing! 😊


 I really like you set a cursing button , it’s really cool

Nice DMG! Thanks for playing.


Postal2 is the best adulting simulator.


Thanks for sharing! I recorded myself playing this video game and uploaded the session on my gaming YouTube channel:

Thank you for playing!


I loved to play this one, it is so funny and cute! My girlfriend also enjoyed playing it, she felt like part of it lol, congrats!


Thank you! Maresia is a fun little adventure. Nice work!


Loved the cuss button, wished people actually reacted to me cussing at them tho

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to incorporate that more in the expansion. Cheers!

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I really loved this one, it's really beautiful how you make a funny game about unfunny adult life. And OMG those freaking keys!

Thank you! Yes, if I didn't laugh I'd cry.


I had a lot of fun playing through this! Not really what I have to do when I'm "adulting" but I can relate for sure haha :)

Thank you for playing!


Charming! Loved the art and how frustrating yet fun it was to find those keys! Nailed it in the adulting theme! Would love to play a whole ingame week of this ha ha ha! Gratz!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed! Your game is good. Best of luck next week!


this is an interesting game, definitely enjoyed the feature with the shopping where you realistically get trapped forever

Thanks for playing! Ha! I modeled the shopping experience on a typical Saturday at a local Wegmans.


very cute and amazing game

Thank you!


Spam the cuss button for maximum adulting.

does anyone know how to pass the are u awake yet I clicked everything but nothing seems to be happening

press J


This was a cute game about the energy it takes to be an adult, I kinda wish the music ran through the whole game but at a bit of a lower volume but all and all, it was a pretty accurate adulting game!


Thanks for playing! We are in the process of adding more sound. Hope to have it done before the jam deadline.

Very cute!

Thank you, Matt!

First GB game I have ever finished))

Thank you for playing!

super cute game but I cant find  a spot for the dog to poo


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Sorry. The trick is to walk really slow with Lulu. Hope that helps!

literally, just keep going up and down while strolling and you'll eventually find it lmao


This game was great to play while procrastinating the actual adult responsibilities :D i enjoyed the cuss button immensely

Those other responsibilities can wait until tomorrow ;) Thank you for playing!


Fun little game! It was nice to play a game about adulting on the weekend while being an adult..and playing it on the weekend.

I feel most accomplished when I play video games, tbh. Thank you for playing!


How Very dare you make it so depressingly realistic! 😭

It was really cute, thank you for making it 😊

Thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed it.


I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your game. Thank you for making it!

Thank you!


Just adorbs on so many levels! Very wholesome but i'm sure in the future more will be added to this game entry :) 5/5 Coffees 


Thanks for the review! There's a very good chance that this game will be expanded after GB Compo 21.

Perfect. Well deserved follow from me that's for sure. Can't wait!


Great design and graphics, love the concept. I enjoyed it very much!


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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I'm not even an adult T^T this was so stressful for no reasonT^T but I love this game none the less


Thanks for playing! (and sorry for the stress)

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