Kotaku: Finally, A Video Game About The Boat

Someone wedged a barge in the Suez Canal, halting a massive amount of world trade. You drive a bulldozer. See if you can make it budge.

Move - Direction Arrows
Action – J

Good luck!

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AuthorEric Wilder
Tagsbulldozer, Game Boy, suez-canal


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Love it



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Are we gonna see an update now it's not stuck?

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Line the bulldozer up directly with the duck facing towards the EverGiven, hold both arrow keys, hold down shift, and press "J" 39  times then charge the rock (1 time equals 10 meters so  39 times equaling the length of the Ever given 399 meters). If you release any arrow key, shift key or the dozer moves you start again. 

My left arrow key seems to override the right - when I press down both at the same time, the dozer just moves left.

I think there is a bug. Waiting for day1 patch.

I'm not sure but I think it's stuck


I tried 50 times to move the boulder. Can't pick it up. Can't dig it out. Can't go around. In short, the game is unplayable.

Are there any cheats or trainers for this? :O A Walk through?


Is it designed not to free or move the boat and just make a comment on the actual situation?  I've been trying for over an hour with no visible results.....Berry good Eric, you designed a game And made a social point And a joke about it at the same time. Well done! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch paint dry.... something that'll be far more progressive and less irritating than the progress in this game with its 80s video game music!

darn it is stuuuuuuck

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I got it out!

Edit: just stick with it, took me 4 hours

Please please PLEASE tell me the duck is an intentional reference to the Ever Laurel...

Man that thing isn't going anywhere!


Absolutely amazing, I just want an update to this after the Ever Given is unstuck where you have to press J once for each hour that it was stuck lmao

Disappointed the Konami code does nothing 🥲


It seems to be super stuck